Meet Photos

Browse photos from our past meets!

Nationals 2023 Memphis, TN

In the last week of March, we traveled to Memphis, Tennessee for five days for 2023 Nationals!!! We had a blast and it was a wonderful way to end the season!

Tuffy's Classic 2023

We competed at the NC State Tuffy's Classic for the first time on March 4th! Our women's platinum team placed third and Judah, Danni, and Sophie each placed first in all around for their respective levels.

2023 W&M Invitational

We hosted our second annual William & Mary Invitational on Feb. 19th! Our men's team and women's platinum team both placed first and we had many gymnasts individually place as well! 

Hokie Classic 2022

On November 19th, we competed at the 2022 Virginia Tech Hokie Classic, where our women's platinum team placed first! We also had numerous gymnasts individually place.

Nationals 2022

Judah, Danni, and Margaret competed against 1,500 other gymnasts at NAIGC Nationals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in April.

Danni Riggs- 5th VT, 7th UB (WAG Level 9)

W&M Invitational 2022

We hosted our very first home meet on March 26th! It was attended by seven other teams. 

Danni Riggs- 1st AA, 1st VT, 1st UB, 1st BB, 1st VT (WAG Level 9)

Brianna Vetter- 3rd FX (WAG Level 6)

Charlotte Girouard- 5th VT, 4th BB (WAG Level 6)

Margaret O'Connor- 2nd BB, 4th FX (WAG Level 6)

Sidonie Horn- 1st BB, 2nd SR, 2nd UB (Developmental)

Judah Wolfe- 1st AA, 1st FX, 1st PH, 2nd SR, 2nd PB, 2nd HB, 2nd VT (MAG NCAA Modified)

Shoham Sengupta- 2nd SR, 2nd PB, 1st VT (MAG NCAA Modified)

Jake Forbes- 2nd FX, 1st PH, 3rd SR, 3rd PB, 2nd HB, 2nd VT (MAG Level 9)

Douglas Keener- 1st PB, 2nd FX, 3rd SR (MAG Developmental)

GW 2022 Spring Invitational

We competed at George Washington University in February 2022.

Danni Riggs- 1st UB

Judah Wolfe- 1st AA, 1st FX, 1st PH, 1st SR, 1st PB, 2nd HB, 4th VT

Duke Dog Classic 2022

In February 2022, we attended JMU's Duke Dog Classic, where we competed against 14 other organizations. 

Danni Riggs- 1st UB

Judah Wolfe- 2nd FX, 2nd PH, 2nd SR, 3rd PB, 3rd AA

Hokie Classic 2021

In December 2021, we traveled to Virginia Tech to attend the Hokie Classic, as our first meet of the season.

Danni Riggs- 5th BB

Jake Forbes- 3rd PB, 4th HB, 5th AA

Judah Wolfe- 1st FX, 1st PH, 2nd HB, 4th SR, 4th PB, 2nd AA

Spring 2021 Showcase

In May 2021, we hosted a virtual showcase as a culmination of our progress throughout the 2020-2021 academic year. Club members were able to perform their routines and skills to a virtual audience via a livestream recording.